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A word in due season
pastor Donna farrell

Pastor Donna C Farrell was born in Islington, London , on 15 January 1961. Growing she attended the local Church of England church , before her mother became saved and then took her andher siblings to a Pentecostal church. She spent h teenage years actively involved in the church and started working for the local Government as a clerical Assistant
During this time she met her future husband Pastor Levi Farrell . The couple married in 1981. In 2013 she moved church once in 1997 - from Hackney Edmonton where the congregation grew. During this time, she began a live Internet radio ministry 'A Word in Due Season' that ran from 2013-2014, recently starting a video ministry of the same program. This program addresses the challenges and difficulties within Christendom.
.....You will find a'Word of Hope' a 'Word of Encouragement' a 'Word of Healing' a 'Word ofWarning' with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT the aim is to tak you to a higher level in God and prepare you for the SOON RETURN OF OUR KING.

Pastor Donna became acquainted with Rev Josephine Collier , founder of the H ouse of El-Shaddai International in 1992, Where they both attended the same church in Hackney,London. Rev Collier ordained Pastor Donna as an Associate minister in 2013.

Over the last fifteen years to present, Pastor Farrell has used her time to continue her education by attending bible school, studying through various Christian courses & workshops.

A qualified Educational Trainer (2009), specialising in Dementia & softskills courses

Within her local church she currently assists as:

Company Secretary
Church Administrator
Head of the New Believers Class
Head of the Intercessors
Praise and Worship Leader

In her leisure Pastor Donna love to be around her children, Grandchildren, extended family members, spending time in the garden and listening to Gospel music.



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